About Us

National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives

National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives (NFFC, Suhyup in Korean) was established in 1962
to enhance the social and economic status of fisheries.
Today, NFFC is leading the Korean fisheries industry by providing the extension services,
promoting and supplying fisheries products. NFFC will endeavor to be the best
and support the nation and society to give a brighter future for the Korean fisheries industry.

Trade Support Center

The Trade Support Center from NFFC (SUHYUP) has worked together with the Korean government since 2014 to promote exporting healthy and safe Korean fishery products around the world.
KFISH products are freshly delivered from clean Korean seas and proven by the Korean government to meet premium standards.
Currently, 10 Trade Support Centers located in 7 different countries are committed to reaching out to global consumers in order to promote the KFISH brand.
With this great effort, KFISH will become known as the most reliable and healthy brand available on the worldwide market.